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Football Pitches -Turf

DecoSport –Football Ground Turf System Artificial turf models for football pitches are manufactured to the highest quality standards for player safety, ball performance and ground durability. The soft and wear-resistant synthetic turf texture minimizes the risk of injury of players and are designed to withstand any weather conditions. While it allows the usage in rainy weather, it is not affected by sun light as well. The synthetic turf improves the quality of the game by providing player safety and performance as well as stable ball tabs.

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Turf Tennis Court

DecoSport –Tennis Court Artificial Turf Pitch Tennis artificial turf ,produced with high technology for sports field applications, has the following advantages:


  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Resistant to friction and abrasion.
  • Maintenance and repair costs are low.
  • Its soft texture reduces the risk of injury to players.
  • The unique design maximizes player performance.
  • Improves the quality of the game by providing a stable ball tab.
  • It contributes to environmental protection by saving water

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Golf Courts

DecoSport –Golf Courts Artificial Turf Pitch Golf artificial turf , Golf is a sport usually played on a natural turf pitch. Artificial turf is used in golf court construction since there is excessive wear on natural turf used in golf courts . Artificial turf is preferred especially in the construction of small golf courts . In addition, natural grass golf courts are also frequently used as artificial turf grass fields . Special artificial turf carpets for golf are called putting green. It is aimed to throw the ball into the main playing area of the field called fair-way in the part of the field up to the pit. This area is more uniform and short-cut grass than other areas and can be about 30 to 90 meters wide; more convenient to hit. The trick is to throw the ball into the smooth grass areas of the pitch

On either side of this area is a region called ‘rough’. This area may include tall grasses, shrubs, trees or sandy, earthy areas. Then the pit ends with the stalemate field called putting green . The stalemate area is the name given to the pit, which is covered with high quality grass and is made suitable for making stalemate with short cuts.

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