Synthetic flooring for tennis court | Know all about synthetic tennis court

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Tennis is considered as one of the most popular & glamorous sports around the globe. The sport is so famous that it has an average viewership of 700 million. Tennis is played on a tennis court which was earlier known as a lawn tennis court. Now, tennis court is usually made of various materials and has different types. It can be played indoors, outdoor, or semi indoor. Today we’ll be talking about synthetic flooring in a tennis court or synthetic tennis court.

Before we move ahead, let us know what synthetic flooring is?

What is synthetic flooring?

Synthetic flooring is a form of man-made floorings which includes Acrylic, PU, artificial clay, artificial grass, modular tiles, and even wooden. Synthetic Flooring is a completely padded coating system made from cutting-edge materials. Rebound is the only company in India that is equipped in providing all kinds of sports flooring.

Preliminary all synthetic courts are zero maintenance courts. On the other hand, natural grass courts and clay courts require rolling, watering, and brushing every day. This is the major reason for a shift from clay and grass court to synthetic courts all over the world. This reduces the maintenance cost of the synthetic court. Moreover, the use of synthetic flooring ensures that the game’s floors will not wear out with repeated use. Not only that, it integrates the most recent improvements in this type of games flooring, making them moisture and UV resistant, simple to use, easy to maintain, and, the biggest attraction, it is easy on the pocket.

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